Senses of Taipei Voice & Vision 聲 / 設 臺北 #3 第三關|未來即現在 這座城市的聲音與設計切片

#03【安、安 Hi There ! 】Senses of Taipei 聲設臺北:課程 x 工作坊 x 線上展

#03【安、安 Hi There !】

Future is Now:未來即現在,機器人大師聊後人類時代

An An: Hi There~

Future is Now.  The present signifies the future; chat with Master Robot about the Posthuman Era


本次嵐澄創藝x謬謬藝術 葉巽 邀請到廣受媒體報導的機器人大師江明勲博士,最為著名的創舉就是日本鋼彈 Gundam Global Challenge 中讓鋼彈動了起來。江老師的專長為仿生機器人、載具動力學、強健控制、運動醫學,長年深耕於人形機器人設計與移動技術研究。現任龍華科技大學助理教授,身兼緯創資通副理,赴加國學習動力式外骨骼用於亞健康族群之參數設定與操作,推動TFDA申請相關試驗,江老師同時也是六節動力 6 Knots Dynamics的CTO,發展人形機器人移動技術,也設計了許多創意、親民的機器人產品,如「紙箱小寵物」,讓更多人體驗最真實的機器人魅力。


聊過元宇宙、NFT,以及對未來建築設計的想像。讓我們聽聽機器人大師江明勲分享機器人的大小事、對AI人工智能的關注及觀點。下一集,我們一起從靈性開發與新維度的提昇中,認識「人類圖」這門所謂「人的原始設定」,並且聊聊創意工作者與藝術工作者喜憂參半的生涯歷程。歲末年初還有最後兩場直播工作坊,讓你與超過四十億點播神曲音樂製作人,以及多 領域資深創意工作者兼視覺藝術家面對面,一起解鎖六件關於這座城市的聲 / 設 創作!


Yeh, Hsun, the artist of MIstypure Create x @Mummumart, invites CMYK Studio, also invites Dr. Chiang, Ming-Hsun who has ever been extensively reported by media and addressed as Robot Master; the most famous of his pioneering work is to cause the Gundam locomotion in the Japanese Gundam Global Challenge. Teacher Jiang’s expertise includes the bionic robot, vehicle dynamics, robust control, and sports medicine; he has studied in humanoid robot’s design and mobile technology for many years. Dr. Chiang now is served as assistant professor of the Lunghwa University of Science and Technology (LHU), and assistant manager of the Wistron Corporation. He went to Canada in early stage to study on powered exoskeleton and mobile technology and use the knowledge as the subhealth population’s parameter for design and manipulation; not only advancing the TFDA application for relevant tests, but also serving as CTO of the 6 Knots Dynamics to develop humanoid robot’s mobile technique and to design many innovations such as “Little paper-box pet” (a people-oriented robot product). These novelties allow more people able to experience the most authentical robot allure


Chatting about the metaverse, NFT, and the imagination of future construction design, we may now listen to the robot master — Dr. Chiang’s comment on, concern with, and perspective on AI, In the next episode, we will start from the spirituality development and neo-dimension enhancement to recognize what so-called “Human’s primitive setting” in the science of Human Designs; moreover, we will also converse about innovative and artistic workers’ career — a charter course mingled with hope and fear. At the end of this year and the beginning of next year, our live-streaming workshop will perform the final two scenes to have you interpret the city’s sound, design, and creation, with the music producer (whose Divina Commedia of VOD frequency has been used for more than 4-billion times) and the multi-domain senior staffs and audiovisual artists face-to-face.