Senses of Taipei Voice & Vision 聲 / 設 臺北 這座城市的聲音與設計切片 #1 第一關|城市當代

#01【安、安 Hi There ! 】Senses of Taipei 聲設臺北:課程 x 工作坊 x 線上展

安安線上對談課程 #1 行走在虛實世界間

所有人都可擁有的每瞬間:創作與元宇宙的熱戀,與 NFT 的曖昧不清


城市是個由「人」組成的有機體,人們在這裡冒險,同時又渴望著安穩、安家、安定、安全,安身立命、安居樂業。伴隨這個有機體的過去、現在與未來,從各個面向觀看這座城市,取下用聲音與視覺構成的切片。嵐澄創藝x謬謬藝術常設計畫《安、安 Senses of the City》,從我們立足的臺北市為起點,在2021年冬天開始,用小小的力量發聲,願獲得共鳴的你我,繼續無所畏懼地奔馳,安定於心之所嚮,寧靜致遠。


當全民都在聊元宇宙、NFT的時候,讓資深區塊鏈工作者、Hybrid創作者、與數位藝術藏家,親自分享關於數位時代這座城市 裡的熱戀與曖昧!四場線上免費課程,讓我們從對談中多面向看見這座城市有機體,從建築設計聊社會秩序、後人類時代人工 智能與機器人帶來的未來、靈性開發與新維度的提昇。還有兩場直播工作坊,讓你與超過四十億點播神曲音樂製作人,以及多 領域資深創意工作者兼視覺藝術家面對面,一起解鎖六件關於這座城市的聲 / 設 創作!









解鎖《Common People》音樂創作,帶來一種當代既焦慮又安定的感受,轉化為同名主視覺作品及臺北城市12區域花朵創作,用跨領域藝術創作感受與元宇宙的熱戀,還有與NFT的曖昧不明,並且親自參與其中,遊走在虛實之間,享受所有人都能夠擁有每瞬間的感受。本次對談邀請從事虛擬貨幣工作多年,同時也是謬謬藝術數位創作的策略經理人簡均汝Genie Chien,與混種類創作藝術家 葉巽(荒謬藝術家)從不同切角談話,接著一起從不同視角分享NFT藏家的心得經驗。


City is an organism consisted of “human being”; people adventure here in the city, and yearn for a steady home to settle down and get on with their career and life. We collect the segment composed of voice and vision from various viewpoints attached to the past, present, and future organism. Mistypure and Mummum Art (An, An Senses of the City) took Taipei City as a starting point to give off sound with a mild force in the winter of 2021, expecting to reciprocate the resonance among us, gallop fearlessly in the route, and settle down our heart at a spot where we aspire after, so as to lead a quiet life as still waters run deep.

As all people discuss gossip about Metaverse or NFT, the senior researcher in block chain, the Hybrid creator, and several art collectors are, in person, sharing the infatuation and ambiguity of the city in relation to the digital times. Four gratis on-line courses allow us to view the city organism from dialogue and multi-faceted discussion, from the construction design to the social order and the prospectively soul development and new-dimension enhancement brought by AI and robot. There are another two live-streaming workshops help you to meet 4-billion music producers (who request Divine Comedy) and many senior originality workers and visual artists vis-à-vis, so as to decrypt the six sounds/facilities/creations in relation to the city.


All passages are traffic-jam with vehicles and motorbikes during the commuting time; people are crammed in the mass transit railways while they are all immersed in overloaded message and knowledge. In the stratosphere, various messages teem in the city; people are getting closer one another but we are still floating on the cloud to keep a long distance from each other. With Covid 19, global 5G commercialization, network with metaverse, NFT, and global order reorganization, it seems to be moving into the next dimension. People eyes are starring at cellular phone, not even release their ears; all sense organs want to roam in the cloud world.

The first station in the “AN-AN” Prospectus. Living in the city of Taipei, under such a contemporary status, we perceive that:

Is there any developing possibility for visual art and music creator?

Can the visual design be a kind of art?

How should the social publics participate in the creation?


To decrypt common people’s music creation, it may bring a contemporary anxiety, or a stable sense, transforming into a cognominal key vision work and nominating 12 flowers to represent Taipei’s 12 districts to enjoy all people’s instantaneous sensation by interdisciplinary art creation and metaverse infatuation, as well as the NFT’s ambiguity while we participate in it personally and roam through the virtuality and reality. In this dialogue, we invite Ms. Genie Chien, strategic manager of the Mummum Art (digital creation), who has engaged in virtual currency for many years, and Ms. Yeh, Hsun, a hybrid creating artist, to discuss the theme and share NFT collectors’ experiences from diverse angles and viewpoints.