Senses of Taipei Voice & Vision 聲 / 設 臺北 #5 第五關|跨界共創 這座城市的聲音與設計切片

#05【安、安 Hi There ! 】Senses of Taipei 聲設臺北:課程 X 工作坊 X 線上展

#05【安、安 Hi There !】Crossover 跨界共創

Crossover for Joint Creation
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Life is composed of the mixed hope-and-fear particles;

Chat with human-design chart analysts about creators’ mental journey







Do every little thing well at the moment
▋做好眼前的每一件小事 ▋


城市是個由「人」組成的有機體,人們在這裡冒險,同時又渴望著安穩、安家、安定、安全,安身立命、安居樂業。伴隨這個有機體的過去、現在與未來,從各個面向觀看這座城市,取下用聲音與視覺構成的切片。嵐澄創藝x謬謬藝術常設計畫《安、安 Senses of the City》,從我們立足的臺北市為起點,在2021年冬天開始,用小小的力量發聲,願獲得共鳴的你我,繼續無所畏懼地奔馳,安定於心之所嚮,寧靜致遠。


you may redefine the relation amid Who, What, and When, for creativity allows you to skip over the existed framework. The crossover thinking is a conjunction of heterogeneous concept and knowledge, cruising within different domains to trigger off the ingenuity.


In comparison with major subject, the aesthetic and the physical educations have been relatively subordinated during our study from childhood to adult, but they significantly affect the world. Creativity is not only a terminology limited in artistic domain, but also a capability applied in all walks of life. As inter-disciplinary study is evolving into a mode to cultivate the creative talents in contemporary education, the art linking to daily live, society, international event, history, literature, philosophy, and technology has no longer been an art, nor the design or the music; it is an oncoming capability to integrate all knowledges.


All major events are accumulated by every little thing at the moment while all experiences shall not be futile. City is an organism composed of “Human beings”; people adventure herein and yearn for stableness, settlement, safety, and living and working in peace and contentment. Accompanying the organism’s past, present, and future, we behold this city from various orientations, and unsling the section composed of acoustics and visuality. A standing plan — “An-An: Senses of the City” drafted by Mistypure Create x @Mummumart started in the winter of 2021, taking Taipei City as a foothold we stepped, using a little power to voice in a hope to obtain the consonance from you and me, and galloping fearlessly with the tranquil mood, for still waters run deep.



YEH, XUN of the Mistypure Create x @Mummumart invites Master A-bo to unlock six myths in relation to the city’s sound, design, and creation. Master A-bo is a senior music producer with many-year working experience, and is, also, the mascot of our team. He has ever written many popular songs, including the films’ theme song and commercial music; among them, the song of “Ring, Ring, Ring” sung by SHE was breaking the record with over 4-billion CTR (cost through rate). In this film of pioneers’ interview, you may hear Master A-bo to share his past experience in the crossover creation, recognize his young heart constantly keeping in learning, and enjoy the senior blockchain worker, architect, space-designing director-general, robot master, human-design analyst, and music producer to share their “Creativity” centered on cities’ diverse orientations. Joining in the course of live streaming held on Feb. 14, you may perceive directly from Master A-bo’s thinking context — how to compose a song from scratch, and can experience all sorts of things occurred at the job site in the process of producing music, as well as proceed to hold a dialogue with the Master to resolve doubts about contemporary thinking tendency of the crossover creations!