Senses of Taipei Voice & Vision 聲 / 設 臺北 #6 最終場|跨界循環 這座城市的聲音與設計切片

#06【安、安 Hi There ! 】Senses of Taipei 聲設臺北:課程 X 工作坊 X 線上展

#06【安、安 Hi There !】Circle 跨界x循環

Crossover X Circulation

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各領域重視「循環」及「永續」行之有年,在安安 #6 Circle的前導漫談影片中,葉巽分享了對於永續時尚、循環設計思考的心得與期望,在2/22(二)20:00嵐澄創藝x謬謬藝術特別邀請到娘子藝術團隊:創作歌手暨藝人歌唱培訓老師吳南穎 Fiona、舞蹈藝術家李芷晴 Kelli Li,與創意工作者暨藝術工作者葉巽,與大家直播面對面!三位藝術家一起暢聊在音樂、舞蹈、創意、設計與藝術領域中的跨界案例、多種藝術表現形式如何「混種」出新面貌,同時分享三位不同領域視角切入循環經濟的獨到觀點,對於永續、循環的未來想像,解鎖六件關於這座城市的聲 / 設 創作。


Me & I & Myself:


聽過了資深區塊鏈工作者、建築師、空間設計總監、機器人大師、人類圖分析師、音樂製作人,從城市的各個面向繞著「創意」為核心的分享。在2/22參與線上直播時,你可以直接與創作歌手南穎、舞蹈藝術家Kelli、視覺藝術家葉巽面對面,聽到關於跨界共創有趣的、好笑的、辛苦的、各種喜憂參半的特別內容,還可以參與謬謬藝術精心設計的「Me & I & Myself」小小體驗,「不一定要有個人品牌,但一定要有個人」,一起來跟著「娘子」的三位藝術家,認識專屬於自己的設計吧!


生命是一個迴圈,我們在面對腐朽與新生中生生不息,城市是個由「人」組成的有機體,人們在這裡冒險,同時又渴望著安穩、安家、安定、安全,安身立命、安居樂業。伴隨這個有機體的過去、現在與未來,從各個面向觀看這座城市,取下用聲音與視覺構成的切片。嵐澄創藝x謬謬藝術常設計畫《安、安 Senses of the City》,從我們立足的臺北市為起點,在2021年冬天開始,用小小的力量發聲,願獲得共鳴的你我,繼續無所畏懼地奔馳,安定於心之所嚮,寧靜致遠。


The rule of “Circulation” and “Sustainability” is rather valued in various domains, which has been in place for years. In Pioneers’ casual comment on the film (#06 “An-An Circle”), YEH, XUN shared his expectation and reflection on sustainable fashion and circulated designing contemplation. Mistypure Create x @Mummumart (2/22 (二) 20:00) particularly invited a women art team, inclusive of Fiona (Wu Nan-Ying) / a singer-songwriter and the teacher training entertainers’ singings, Kelli Li (Li, Zhi-Ching) / a dancing artist, and YEH, XUN / the artistic and creative worker, to hold a face-to-face interview in a live streaming. The three artists freely chatted about the transboundary cases of music, dance, innovation, design, and art, and how to conceive a new appearance through the hybrid of multiple art performances, as well as their unique viewpoints on the circular and sustainable oncoming imagination — from three diverse domains to cut in the circular economics, and further to unlock six myths in regard to the cities’ creation and sound.
It is not necessarily to possess the personal brand, but someone shall hear the senior blockchain worker, architect, space-designing director-general, robot master, human-design analyst, and music producer to share their “Creativity” centered on cities’ diverse orientations. Joining the live streaming on Feb. 22, you may directly hear the interested, laughable, toilsome, and mixed blessing contents, face-to-face with Fiona (singer-songwriter), Kelli (dancer), and YEH, XUN (visual artist); moreover, you can also participate in a small-scale experience of “Me & I & Myself” designed elaborately by Mummumart. It is not necessarily to have a personal brand, but it shall be someone there to recognize the design exclusive to his/her own, together with the three female artists!



Life is a cycling loop; as we face the endless rottenness and rebirth, the city becomes an organism consisted of the “Human beings” who simultaneously yearn for the stableness, settlement, safety, and living/working in peace and contentment. Accompanying the organism’s past, present, and future, we behold this city from various orientations, and unsling the section composed of acoustics and visuality. A standing plan — “An-An: Senses of the City” drafted by Mistypure Create x @Mummumart started in the winter of 2021, taking Taipei City as a foothold we stepped, using a little power to voice in a hope to obtain the consonance from you and me, and galloping fearlessly with the tranquil mood, for still waters run deep.