Senses of Taipei Voice & Vision 聲 / 設 臺北 #2 第二關|城市秩序 這座城市的聲音與設計切片
New Order

#02【安、安 Hi There ! 】Senses of Taipei 聲設臺北:課程 x 工作坊 x 線上展

安安線上對談課程 #2 New Order

what if : 推測一座城市的未來,與建築師、設計師聊新秩序


城市是個由「人」組成的有機體,人們在這裡冒險,同時又渴望著安穩、安家、安定、安全,安身立命、安居樂業。伴隨這個有機體的過去、現在與未來,從各個面向觀看這座城市,取下用聲音與視覺構成的切片。嵐澄創藝x謬謬藝術常設計畫《安、安 Senses of the City》,從我們立足的臺北市為起點,在2021年冬天開始,用小小的力量發聲,願獲得共鳴的你我,繼續無所畏懼地奔馳,安定於心之所嚮,寧靜致遠。


在臺北這座城市裡,用一種魔幻的生活方式、推測設計的思辨方式,對不確定的未來充滿想像。安安#2 邀請到分寸設計建築師 Ko黎姿吟、設計總監 Midly 鄭閔孺一起分享設計思考過程中的思維及觀點,一起天馬行空地想像著城市設計的三個「what if ?」。聊過元宇宙、NFT的之後,讓我們後人類時代人工 智能與機器人帶來的未來、靈性開發與新維度的提昇。還有兩場直播工作坊,讓你與超過四十億點播神曲音樂製作人,以及多 領域資深創意工作者兼視覺藝術家面對面,一起解鎖六件關於這座城市的聲 / 設 創作!


What if

以《New Order》音樂及同名視覺設計創作轉換, 呈現我們在這座城市裡觀察到的總總習慣與秩序,24小時便利商店店員熟悉話語SOP、夜裡的古典樂、車站裡移工的歡笑聊天聲、凱道前群眾的發聲,種種的秩序構成了這座城市的點線面。

本次嵐澄創藝x謬謬藝術 葉巽 邀請在建築及室內設計業深耕十多年的CMYK STUDIO分寸設計,一起玩味三個 What if。建築師黎姿吟與設總監鄭閔孺都是對生活充滿熱情、專注在自己所愛,並且持續不懈的創造新的秩序。


City is an organism consisted of “human being”; people adventure here in the city, and yearn for a steady home to settle down and get on with their career and life. We collect the segment composed of voice and vision from various viewpoints attached to the past, present, and future organism. Mistypure and Mummum Art (An, An Senses of the City) took Taipei City as a starting point to give off sound with a mild force in the winter of 2021, expecting to reciprocate the resonance among us, gallop fearlessly in the route, and settle down our heart at a spot where we aspire after, so as to lead a quiet life as still waters run deep.


In Taipei city, we use the phantom-like living style to conjecture a designed speculation mode which is replete with imagination onto the uncertain future. An-An #2 has invited Ko (Li, Tzu-Yin), an architect of the CMYK Studio, and Midly (Cheng, Min-Ju), design director, together to share their conceptions and viewpoints in the process of designing contemplation and to image unconstrainedly the city design’s three “What Ifs”. Gossiping about the Metaverse and NFT (non-fungible token), we allow the future brought by artificial and intellectual robot to enter the Posthuman Times and enhance our spirituality development and Neo-Dimension. There will still have two more scenes broadcasted by our live-streaming workshops, allowing you to interpret the city’s sound, design, and creation, with the music producer (whose Divina Commedia of VOD frequency has been used for more than 4-billion times) and the multi-domain senior staffs and audiovisual artists face-to-face.


Use transformations of the “New Order” music and the cognominal audiovisual-designing creation to perform diverse habits and orders we observed from this city, the order of which is constituted by point and line to plane, inclusive of 24-H convenience store, familiar conversation with the store clerk (SOP), classic music at night, migrant workers’ laughter in the railroad (or bus) station, and the crowd to give off sound on Ketagalan Boulevard. Yeh, Hsun, an artist of MIstypure Create x @Mummumart, invites CMYK Studio, who has ploughed in architectures and interior design for more than a decade, to reflect over the three “What Ifs”. Architect Li, Tzu-Yin and Design Director Cheng, Min-Ju are replete with passions for daily livings, concentrating their attention on what they loved, and successively creating new order.